Weddings are held in our beautiful sanctuary, which can seat up to 200 people. The sanctuary of Trinity serves as the focal point of the church with a long center aisle that leads to the front of the sanctuary and altar where weddings are performed.

The sanctuary building is graced by beautifully landscaped grounds. “The Land” of 22 acres is dotted with large oak trees and an open meadow, perfect for photo opportunities following the ceremony. A Labyrinth is also located on this property and serves as a place of meditation and solace.

Step 1
•The first step is to download the Wedding Packet below and sign the Wedding Agreement.
•Your wedding will then be scheduled and confirmed by staff on the master church building calendar.

Step 2
•The next step is to schedule a meeting for your interview with one of our pastors. We currently have three pastors available to perform Christian and interfaith religious wedding. In addition we have deacons who are available to preform ceremonies, if our pastoral staff is not available.

•During this interview, if you, as a couple, demonstrate your sincere intention to enter into a Christian marriage, your wedding date with the church will then be confirmed.

•You will also be required to participate in further premarital counseling as agreed upon between you and the pastor, if necessary.

Step 3
•We have a wide variety of resources available to help you find just the right readings, scripture, music and rituals to make your wedding a unique expression of your love.

Please click here to download a Wedding Packet.