Tony Viglione-Clergy Intern

Tony Viglione joins us as a Clergy Intern from Suncoast Cathedral in Venice where he had served as the Parish Ministry Assistant to the late Reverend Dr. Sherry Kennedy. More recently he has served as a member of the Worship Team, and after officially receiving his “in care” status, had to step down as the Assistant Vice Moderator of the Board of Directors. He has a Masters Degree in Christian Ministry and Pastoral Counseling and a Bachelors Degree in Political Science. He and his husband Brian will be celebrating their 19-year anniversary this December and the 25th birthday of their son Nicolas in September – he now resides back home in Connecticut. In the 1980’s, Tony spent four years in a Catholic seminary, and after leaving, has searched many years for a spiritual place to call home. He has found it with MCC.