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The Gardiner-Stanford Memorial Garden at Church of the Trinity

Named in loving memory of Craig Gardiner and Frank Stanford, the memorial garden is a sacred resting place for loved ones.

Honoring the final wish of Craig and Frank to be interred together on the campus of Church of the Trinity, the project was recently completed and was dedicated on Easter, 2016,

The memorial garden, located on the south side of our sanctuary, is set aside for perpetual placement of the remains (ashes) of church members or their families. The garden landscaping will provide a space for prayer, meditation, and remembering loved ones in a setting that is both peaceful and beautiful.

Single urn $2,000
Companion niche $3,000 (two urns)
Includes engraving

The Niche compartment measures 11″ L x 5.5″ W x 11.5′ H

Ideal Urn Sizes:
7″L 5.25″ W x 6.25″H
6.25″ L x 4.25″ W x 8.25″ H

A square or rectangular urn is strongly recommended. If a round urn is selected, it will need to be under 5.25 in total diameter.

Direct Burial in the Memorial Garden $500
Includes Memorial Paver and engraving
Cremated remains are interred in the Garden, with a paver displaying the name, birth date and death date. Our Christian faith teaches us that the human soul is immortal, continuing its spiritual existence after the death of the body. For many of us, it is a comfort to have a place to honor the continuing relationship with our loved ones who have died before us. The Memorial Garden at Church of the Trinity is such a place. Cremated remains may be buried in a biodegradable linen bag or loose in the soil so as to become assimilated with the earth. Interment location is designated by the committee. The ground cover is lifted for the burial and then re-placed, the area being restored to its natural condition.

Project History:

Church of the Trinity purchased property on Lockwood Ridge Road in 1988. Since then our church grounds have been considered as sacred space to remember those who have passed on. During the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the early and mid 90’s cremains of our church and community members were informally spread on church grounds. Since then our congregation has envisioned a way to remember and celebrate the lives of our loved ones who have passed on.

A columbarium is a structure that contains niches (like a small, square locker) designed to contain individual remains in an urn. A columbarium provides a focal point in a memorial garden for remembrance, contemplation and prayer.

Criteria for the columbarium that have been discussed by the Land Committee include an open design that will allow individuals to view the niches in a calm and colorfully landscaped site with benches; niches that will hold two urns (for husband & husband, wife & wife, husband & wife, partners, etc.); and offer a price point that is competitive with other area church memorial gardens. Our intent is to make it a vibrant living garden to remember those who have gone before.

In addition to niches in a columbarium, the memorial garden will also contain a section of common ground used for inurnment (placement of ashes without urns) and placement of plaques or other identifying markers naming the individuals whose remains are buried in the common ground. This method of burial is quite common and an attractive part of the memorial garden.

Sanctuary Memorial Wall:

A memorial wall has been established in our sanctuary where the names of loved one interred elsewhere can be inscribed. You may honor a friend or loved one by making a contribution in their memory to Church of the Trinity.

Memorial Wall Plaques

Donation of $500 1.25 X 6 tile

Donation of $1,000 1.75 X 6 tile

Donation of $1,500 2.25 X 6 tile

Donation of $2,500 2.75 X 6 tile

Courtyard Pavers:

Honor or commemorate a loved one with a brick paver in our courtyard. These pavers are also a great way to commemorate special life events.

Each paver can accommodate engraved lettering as follows:

4″ x 8″: 3 lines of text, no clip art (limited to 3 lines with 20 spaces per line including blank spaces and punctuation) $125

4″ x 8″: 2 lines of text with clip art in the center (limited to 2 lines with 20 spaces per line including blank spaces and punctuation) $125

8″ x 8″: 3 lines of text, no clip art (limited to 3 lines with 20 spaces per line including blank spaces and punctuation) $250

8″ x 8″: 3 lines of text with clip art (limited to 3 lines with 20 spaces per line including blank spaces and punctuation) $250

We Remember:

The following are interred and remembered at Church of the Trinity’s memorial garden. May the light of Christ shine on them.
Julia Burns
May 4, 1956- April 29, 2010

Ray Efird
November 24, 1947- October 9, 2006

Craig O. Gardiner
June 5, 1943-March 7, 2010

Rev. Elder Jeri Ann Harvey
January 3, 1934- May 28, 2008

W. Randy Herbruck
June 3, 1947- November 24, 1995

Richard Mager
September 13, 1942- February 15, 2005

Reynold F. Martin
February 12, 1944- November 4, 2014

Geoff A. Maul
March 28, 1954- March 12, 2012

Robert J. Murch
November 17, 1944- December 22, 2006

Teresa Pando
December 20, 1962- January 28, 2010

Tim Parham
January 3, 1934- June 19, 2009

Roy L. Perkins
June 29, 1927-February 19,2004

Rev. Robert E. Pierce
June 28, 1954- January 23, 1992

Russell E. Schulz
June 18, 1929-December 18, 1997

Franklin D. Stanford
May 13, 1937-April 25, 2014

David Young
April 15, 1956- October 10, 1998

Michael Owen
Mar. 24, 1945 – Mar. 28, 2016




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