Dominican Republic

ICM Santo Domingo hosts a public forum on homosexuality

Church of the Trinity is a proud supporter of ICM (Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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Founded in 2007 by Rev. Tania Guzman, coordinator of Hispanic ministries at Church of the Trinity, today more than eighty people worship on a weekly basis. Rev. Wilkin Lara now serves as full time minister of the growing congregation.

ICM Santo Domingo has formed a PFLAG chapter with a group of mothers and friends committed to generating change within themselves and within society in general. The congregation has their own rented space and can share with others the message of Christ and continue to fulfill our mission of “Tearing down walls and building up hope.”

“La iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana (ICM) es una fraternidad mundial de iglesias cristianas, una alegre comunidad espiritual de personas con una actitud positiva ante la diversidad sexual, comprometida en ser una iglesia inclusiva, afirmativa y afectuosa dando así testimonio del amor no excluyente que tiene Dios para toda la humanidad”

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