Marriage Equality is Here

If you and your spouse are interested in Florida marriage please use this contact form, and our staff will be in touch with you and your partner.    We have pastors and notaries who are available to officiate your legal wedding.

We require that couples be together a minimum of one year prior to marriage.  Our staff pastors are also available for pre-martial counseling.  Please contact the church office for more information at 941.355.0847

10 Good Reasons to Get Married in a Church

    1. I want God to be at the center of this momentous event.
    2. I desire God’s guidance in my married life.
    3. I love this church and I am an active participant in it.
    4. I was once an active participant in this church, and I miss it.
    5. I trust that this church community will support me and my new family.
    6. I have moved away, and I have a church home where I live now but this was once my church home and I treasure the ways in which it has shaped me.
    7. This was once my church home, and while I don’t have a spiritual community now, I long to find one soon.
    8. This has never been my church home but it was my partner’s and I treasure the ways in which it has shaped my future spouse.
    9. My partner and I have two different religious traditions, but we have agreed that this place can be sacred for both of us on our wedding day.
    10. This seems to be a holy place, and we want to find the Spirit here.

Celebrating Our Relationships

Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage

Marriage Equality will officially arrive in Florida at midnight on January 6th, 2015, and Equality Florida is committed to making sure all couples planning to marry have the information they need to do so!

Leading up to and on January 6th, we will act as communications headquarters with up-to-date information regarding celebrations around the state, premarital counseling providers that can waive the three-day waiting period to receive a license, and hours and locations for each County Clerk’s office. Visit:

Q: Can my partner and I get married the same day that we apply for a license?

A: If either partner is a Florida resident there is a three-day delay in the effective date of the marriage license. Couples can get the waiting period waived if they participate in a premarital preparation course meeting the requirements specified in law and whose provider is registered with the Clerk.

Otherwise exceptions to the three day waiting period must be granted for individuals asserting hardship by a county court judge.

If only one member of the couple is a Florida resident, the couple must complete a premarital counseling course to waive the waiting period.

There is no waiting period for couples from out of state.

Q: We were married out of state but live in Florida. Do we need to marry again in Florida for the state to recognize our marriage?

A: No. If you were legally married in another state, you do not need to marry again in Florida. On January 6th, 2015, your marriage should be immediately recognized and valid in Florida when the stay expires. To obtain certain benefits, however, such as applying for Social Security benefits or adding your spouse to your health insurance plan, you will need to take action and submit paperwork, just as a different-sex couple would be required to do. The process for doing so will be the same as for a different-sex couple.


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