Your Legacy

The Church of the Trinity is pleased to announce the formation of our Legacy Society.

The purpose of the Society is to recognize those individuals and families who have re-membered Church of the Trinity in their estate plans through a documented planned gift. The Society serves to enable members and friends to witness to the value of Church of the Trinity in their lives and secure its ministries for generations to come.

80% of Americans give to charity on an annual basis, while only 8% have established planned gifts to support their long-held, valuable interests and charities. Many people believe that a bequest or gift has to be a big amount—a privilege reserved for the wealthy. Contrary to this popular belief, however, bequests come in all sizes.  Any amount you give is helpful and appreciated.

Some folks may be concerned that they won’t have enough money to live on if they make a bequest or gift. It is important to understand that bequests are paid from what is left over after your death and after your loved ones have received your legacy to them. There are many ways to make this lifelong commitment to giving. The most popular and well-known is through your will, a way of tithing into the future. Our vital programs and growing ministries will continue through your blessings.

“When I became a member of Church of the Trinity, I made a commitment to be a good steward of my time, talents, finances, and to grow spiritually. In 2003, my partner, Pat Barron, and I were receiving the tender loving care of the Trinity Care team. We had “our” fervent prayer to be a part of the vision, development, and growth of the facilities and ministries—to give back that which we had received. I continue to be blessed abundantly in my church partnership as a deacon, in music ministry, and as a volunteer. Another stewardship opportunity has come for me: to give a gift that will help God’s work here when I have gone Home. Through the Legacy Society, I can give a gift that keeps on giving!”

Deacon Dar Purugganan


Contact us today to talk about how you can remember Church of the Trinity and be part of our Legacy Society.