Growth & Healing with Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson

Knowing that she would be considered as a successor to Reverend Elder Troy Perry, who would be retiring in four years, Reverend Elder Nancy Wilson, Pastor of the MCC Church in North Hollywood, California decided to find some congregation where she could rest and write. She and her partner Paula Schoenweather were visiting friends in St. Petersburg, and Ron Crawford from the committee heard that she was nearby. Before anyone really knew what was happening, a meeting was arranged with the selection committee and Reverend Elder Nancy Wilson was invited to be the Pastor of Church of the Trinity MCC. She was installed in August of 2001.

Both spiritual and physical growth now started again. The Church membership seemed to toy with the 300 mark for some time, and most of all, the Church started looking for some place to expand.

The 23 acres to the north of the present site was for sale, but there were several other interested parties, and so the possibility of expansion was problematic. Then miracles struck again, and the offer on the land was withdrawn. The Church Board of Directors and the Congregation decided that this was the chance of a lifetime, and in 2003 made an offer for the 23 plus acres which was accepted. The land was available for our growth!

Intense activity to clear and make the land available to the congregation began. A “Yellow Brick Road” was cut through the boundary trees and shrubs and mowing and cleaning continued until we were able to hold the first “Worship on the Land” on 29 March 2004. Since that time a meditation walk and a labyrinth have been added to the land and prayers are held there each Sunday.

During the time Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson was here the Diaconate was expanded and Rev. Rick Sosbe (now pastor at Naples) and Rev. Jim Merritt were ordained. In addition the Church spun off “Trinity Charities” which has become a major force in the community.

With Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson leaving to replace Rev. Elder Troy Perry as the head of the UFMCC, the Church started a search again for a new Pastor.