Covenant Keepers 2018 “Building a Bridge of Faith”

October 4, 2017

Greetings in Christ,

We are excited to be writing you about our new Stewardship Program called Covenant Keepers. A covenant is an agreement between two parties in which both usually make specific promises. There are many examples of covenants in the Scriptures. In Genesis 9, God made a covenant with every living creature that all life would never be destroyed by water again. The rainbow is a sign of this agreement. In I Samuel 18, Jonathan makes a covenant with David and as a symbol of that covenant gave David his robe, tunic, sword, bow and belt. In Matthew, Christ makes a covenant with humankind symbolized by his blood shed for the salvation of the world.

Our Covenant Keeper Program is designed to assist members and friends of Church of the Trinity MCC in their journey to be good stewards. We are asking that you would prayerfully consider making a covenant with God in six spiritual areas of your life: Financial Support, Prayer, Presence, Service, Spiritual Growth, and Witness. Being a Covenant Keeper involves filling out a commitment card that is designed for you to make and keep a covenant with God through Church of the Trinity MCC. These areas mentioned above correspond to the vows we make when we become members of the church. They also reflect our covenant with God, our covenant to make our world a better place, and our covenant to grow in discipleship with Christ.

The theme for Covenant Keepers 2018 is “Building a Bridge of Faith”. Our program will kick off this Sunday, October 8th and conclude on November 19th. Each Sunday we will focus on one of the six covenant areas, and you will experience sermons, testimonies, and music that will inspire us to be good stewards in each of these areas.

The commitment cards will be available at the church and on the church website and are due on November 19th. We would also be happy to mail one to you. We hope in these next weeks you will consider being a Covenant Keeper through Church of the Trinity and pray about what God wants to accomplish through your life and the life of our church collectively in 2018.

Your Stewardship Team

Rev. Renae Phillips – Mike Albrecht – TC McCarthy – Tony Viglione

Click here for the Covenant Keepers printable brochure!