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If two of you agree about anything, it will be done for you by God in heaven.
Matthew 18:19

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Request Title# PrayersDate 
Relationship support104-09-2018View Details
Financial Breakthrough102-26-2018View Details
Deliverance102-22-2018View Details
Prayer request for salvation and protection102-14-2018View Details
Prayer request for salvation and protection002-11-2018View Details
Oppressed Husband101-23-2018View Details
Break witchcraft and spells from our marriage001-20-2018View Details
Find his way001-15-2018View Details
Praying for a miracle in my life001-13-2018View Details
RELATIONSHIP/CAREER001-11-2018View Details
Please pray012-31-2017View Details
Prayer Request for Salvation012-30-2017View Details
Love and Reconcilation012-29-2017View Details
All Bills Paid Off012-27-2017View Details
Finances012-25-2017View Details
Healing for my mother012-23-2017View Details
Healing012-23-2017View Details
Sad012-23-2017View Details
Healing012-17-2017View Details
Vision and health urgent please012-14-2017View Details
Heal Bryan James Rammer of Multiple Myeloma012-14-2017View Details
Weight Loss012-09-2017View Details
Please pray012-01-2017View Details
Gods Help for Amy011-19-2017View Details
Family 011-13-2017View Details
salvation of a friend011-04-2017View Details
Salvation for gambling addict011-01-2017View Details
Relationship 010-29-2017View Details
Loard please110-24-2017View Details
Please pray110-24-2017View Details
Job and other issues010-22-2017View Details
my business and my son please210-16-2017View Details
poverty and scikness110-14-2017View Details
Break and destroy the stronghold of witchcraft/spell for good110-12-2017View Details
Devil attacking110-07-2017View Details
Love and Reconcilation110-05-2017View Details
Job and other issues110-05-2017View Details
my son and my business please109-29-2017View Details
for my Granddaughter Isabella109-26-2017View Details
A prayer for my Dad109-26-2017View Details
Salvation 109-24-2017View Details
Relationship 109-04-2017View Details
finances109-02-2017View Details
Deliverance109-01-2017View Details
Protection 108-24-2017View Details
Going NOWHERE108-03-2017View Details
ssi approval107-20-2017View Details
stop divorce107-17-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome107-07-2017View Details
Job106-29-2017View Details
help.106-27-2017View Details
restoration106-26-2017View Details
Favor106-20-2017View Details
Divine connections 006-10-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome006-03-2017View Details
fear005-23-2017View Details
Prayer request for healing chronic kidney failure005-14-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome005-06-2017View Details
Help!004-13-2017View Details
Prayer Request003-15-2017View Details
I am in need of a miracle.003-12-2017View Details
deliverance002-28-2017View Details
Deliverance002-10-2017View Details
Why?002-10-2017View Details
prayer please002-08-2017View Details
healing for little boy001-20-2017View Details
marriage/family/healing012-15-2016View Details
Prayer request012-13-2016View Details
marriage restoration012-13-2016View Details
Occult/Paranoid012-11-2016View Details
Divorce012-08-2016View Details
In need of a prayer012-02-2016View Details
Breakthrough in finances012-01-2016View Details
Urgent Urgent Prayer Request 111-24-2016View Details
I need God's help asap111-22-2016View Details
Need Healing011-20-2016View Details
Second Job011-10-2016View Details
relationship with my fiance'011-05-2016View Details
Gods Favor and Encouragement011-02-2016View Details
My Son and I011-01-2016View Details
Gods Favor010-20-2016View Details
Need prayers010-15-2016View Details
miracle in Intergrated media and technology education module010-14-2016View Details
Relationship210-11-2016View Details
Please pray for my husband Matthew.010-09-2016View Details
Family situations010-03-2016View Details
Free me from Financial Debt009-30-2016View Details
911 PRAY24-7 HELP ME -JESUS SET ME FREE FROM JAIL009-21-2016View Details
very very urgent109-07-2016View Details
healing and deliverence009-04-2016View Details
Need help009-02-2016View Details
Healing008-26-2016View Details
Favor008-26-2016View Details
SALVATION008-22-2016View Details
healing108-18-2016View Details
Urgent Prayer108-16-2016View Details
Prayer for my friends son208-02-2016View Details
Miracle for MIKE107-27-2016View Details
Needing him to change107-20-2016View Details
Repair my heart207-20-2016View Details
RESTORE207-13-2016View Details
a good paying job007-12-2016View Details
reinstatement007-06-2016View Details
pray for my mother207-03-2016View Details
pray for my mother007-03-2016View Details
prayer for a cure of cystic fibrosis007-01-2016View Details
recovery/favor006-29-2016View Details
faovr006-27-2016View Details
.006-22-2016View Details
.006-21-2016View Details
me/boys/mother006-21-2016View Details
FAVOR006-21-2016View Details
Miracle006-12-2016View Details
financial breakthrough006-12-2016View Details
Healing106-11-2016View Details
help105-30-2016View Details
reverse005-27-2016View Details
.005-26-2016View Details
DEFEAT 005-23-2016View Details
EVERY PERFECT GIFT005-23-2016View Details
LEGAL RIGHTS 005-21-2016View Details
DELIVERANCE 005-21-2016View Details
shield/buckler/protection/005-19-2016View Details
shield buckler protector005-18-2016View Details
protection/shield/buckler005-18-2016View Details
i am helpless105-16-2016View Details
Reconciliation105-13-2016View Details
Prayer Request105-09-2016View Details
help305-09-2016View Details
FAVOR005-09-2016View Details
very urgent need for healing and family reconciliation005-03-2016View Details
restore/restoration004-30-2016View Details
RESTORE 004-30-2016View Details
Very urgent104-30-2016View Details
Healing and Deliverance004-28-2016View Details
Need deliverance right away.004-25-2016View Details
To be found quickly104-19-2016View Details
Urgent Prayer Request004-19-2016View Details
FAVOUR OF GOD.004-19-2016View Details
blessing/me/mother/dmajors004-12-2016View Details
Please pray 003-31-2016View Details
A prayer for the world people003-28-2016View Details
Home and Job203-11-2016View Details
God's timely Help for my family103-11-2016View Details
Urgent Request for Divorce to come to a close 103-07-2016View Details
Prayer Request203-03-2016View Details
Urgent Request101-09-2016View Details
Living with Brachycephaly101-03-2016View Details
urgent prayer request112-18-2015View Details
personal prayer112-15-2015View Details
URGENT HELP NEEDED112-13-2015View Details
Facing Eviction!!112-11-2015View Details
Distress011-17-2015View Details
Depression311-07-2015View Details
Caregiver 211-07-2015View Details
Please for my Mom's speedy recovery011-07-2015View Details
Hopeless111-03-2015View Details
Healing110-28-2015View Details
Protection010-28-2015View Details
Healing and hope 010-11-2015View Details
Please pray for Poland , Church in the USA, and our service to t209-05-2015View Details
Praise God asking for urgent healing for Nick, Christian, Erik,008-31-2015View Details
Alcoholic308-19-2015View Details
Please pray for my family008-01-2015View Details
healing207-22-2015View Details
marriage restoration and for job007-17-2015View Details
Keeping my job 107-13-2015View Details
Urgent Financial Need006-30-2015View Details
Father YOUR will be done506-19-2015View Details
Favor and blessings006-11-2015View Details
Guidance and Spiritual Wisdom006-01-2015View Details
urgent prayer request105-30-2015View Details
Father restore us105-16-2015View Details
Emergency004-22-2015View Details
Matt McDonald Needs Prayers 4-Healing in His Life003-27-2015View Details
relationship reconcilliation to rebuild trust 002-26-2015View Details
Revival/awakening002-24-2015View Details
VERY, VERY URGENT!202-15-2015View Details
Marriage & Job102-11-2015View Details
brain cancer of the young man102-08-2015View Details
Help!102-07-2015View Details
prayer102-03-2015View Details
Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus102-01-2015View Details
Gratitude001-21-2015View Details
Peaceful Days 001-20-2015View Details
urgent prayer request 001-15-2015View Details
urgent prayer request 001-15-2015View Details
healing, family reconciliaiton, job/retirement income restored 101-14-2015View Details
Prayer for help101-13-2015View Details
Recovery after accident101-12-2015View Details
Prayer001-11-2015View Details
A job001-11-2015View Details
Financial problems201-04-2015View Details
Protection From Evil401-01-2015View Details
Relationship Prayer Request312-13-2014View Details
Miracle blessing from GOD011-20-2014View Details
Matt and Stephen Friendship Loving Relationship 011-11-2014View Details
poverty011-06-2014View Details
Urgent PRAYER Needs111-05-2014View Details
Emergency-Urgent PRAYER Needs011-02-2014View Details
Emergency healing prayer request 010-27-2014View Details
Need GOD in my life 010-23-2014View Details
justice issue010-22-2014View Details
Prayer Request for healing010-20-2014View Details
peaceful being010-06-2014View Details
Barbara110-03-2014View Details
prayer request009-09-2014View Details
fREEDOM FROM BONDAGE209-05-2014View Details
effective,emergency,fervent,urgent PRAYER NEEDS109-01-2014View Details
peace008-12-2014View Details
numerous007-01-2014View Details
reconnect friendship006-03-2014View Details
Financial Relief105-04-2014View Details
Help!104-25-2014View Details
VA pension check & car104-15-2014View Details
I'm homeless104-07-2014View Details
Health and Healing203-28-2014View Details
Finances/Legal Proceedings103-03-2014View Details
Financial breakthrough102-20-2014View Details
For the Family and freinds001-02-2014View Details
Prayers for My Ongoing Friendship With DREW.112-19-2013View Details
Justice and Protection112-06-2013View Details
Justice and Protection011-22-2013View Details
Prayer Request Please 🙂011-19-2013View Details
Healing111-08-2013View Details
John Bankruptcy Court Case 11/12/13011-02-2013View Details
New Friends Stephen and Drew!!!011-02-2013View Details
Chemistry Class110-27-2013View Details
Please Abba009-14-2013View Details
health009-02-2013View Details
Internet Protection, Accountability208-24-2013View Details
relationship healing107-30-2013View Details
losing my place107-16-2013View Details
Prayer Request Please =)007-11-2013View Details
Baby Annabel's open heart surgery107-11-2013View Details
Prayers for a friend805-31-2013View Details
depression705-29-2013View Details
YEs105-29-2013View Details
Serenity504-10-2013View Details
Erik504-10-2013View Details
gkjvyoiBklvMfgWuc203-29-2013View Details
DtVHZkWc203-29-2013View Details
umMiXcNRnDdxO103-29-2013View Details
lrGKZozJOhPCbfLLJg103-29-2013View Details
ghEkggLlGztNUekVa003-29-2013View Details
Lord, please open a door for me203-28-2013View Details
RjfDFflbaoHaZFnwP003-27-2013View Details
IdczNCqufOBTWIRSk103-27-2013View Details
CUmKUHfBsJKBrOFyaS103-27-2013View Details
god heal302-21-2013View Details
Salvation for Terminally Ill Brother402-18-2013View Details
please pray701-09-2013View Details
Healing and comfort012-16-2012View Details
Soulmate312-03-2012View Details
Prayer for a friend with mental health problems810-09-2012View Details
Untitled309-23-2012View Details
Untitled509-21-2012View Details
Prayers for a friend209-21-2012View Details
Getting Out of Debt and a new job609-12-2012View Details
Prayer Request109-07-2012View Details
Pray for me for a job opportunity to come quckly209-07-2012View Details
Prayers & comfort for Rev. Charles & his family1009-03-2012View Details
possible blood clot in Rays leg409-02-2012View Details
Prayers for Justin in the death of grandmother408-24-2012View Details
Prayers for support with brain cancer treatment608-17-2012View Details
Prayer request208-15-2012View Details
For a safe & uneventful surgery308-02-2012View Details
prayer for financial blessing and job806-26-2012View Details
For an effective treatment plan1106-23-2012View Details