Our Mission

Loving God.  Loving People.

 Our Mission

Church of the Trinity is a progressive, Christ centered community of ministry, where everyone matters and belongs.

Our Core Values

Christ Centered   Psalm 103:20 

  • We are a place to explore and grow in our spiritual journey.
  • We are a place to experience the presence of the living God.
  • We are a place to come together in joyful celebration of God’s spirit.

Radically Inclusive Galatians 3:28  

  • We are an inclusive and diverse reflection of God’s world.
  • We are involved in social action following Christ’s example.
  • While we were founded in the LGBT community we are reaching beyond to worship and fellowship with all people.

Generous Acts 20:35 

  • We reach out to meet the needs of our church, community and our world.
  • We excel in servant leadership.
  • We believe every person has something to share and we value the gifts of time, talent and treasure.