Emerging Church Partnership with Kampala, Uganda

Our Emerging Church partnership with The Liberty Africa Youth Foundation in Kampala Uganda begins January 21st 2017. Metropolitan Community Churches recognizes the need for many churches to reflect the diversity of MCC. The process of identifying communities in need of MCC is done with great care and intentionality. Strategic planning is underway through collaboration with various MCC Offices to actively develop new MCC churches around the world. 

Our partnership with the Liberty Africa Youth Foundation is in Kampala, Uganda. 1.5% of our tithes paid to UFMCC will now go to support the mission of this emerging MCC church providing support for those living with HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ persons in Uganda. Contact Wendy LaChaunce at wendy.lachaunce@verizon.net for more information about our Kampala partnership.We are excited about this opportunity!

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Here are some pictures of what is happening in Kampala. They have purchased a laptop and now have internet service. They have rented rental space for worship. Sunday, January 15th was their first worship service in many months.